Charon proxy checker tool

Charon is one of the most effective proxy tool (and furthermore free) that has been created with idea to satisfy all proxy server lovers. It is simple and easy to understand program with a lot useful functions but many people still have problems to understand how to use this program. Tutorial below has been made to help you better understand Charon - unique proxy tools.
1) General Option

First download Charon  We recommended Charon.Excellent Proxy Tool created by Rhino that has been moulded and shaped through the wishes of many proxy users (including myself).
The next steps will be focused on finding or for lack of a better word "leeching" your own proxy server list (when you become a seasoned proxy server hunter then you can start to learn from our tutorials how to find your own proxy servers using,Proxy Hunter, Angry IP Scanner, AAtools or Superscan) Extract all the files to your directory and start it. YOU'll see all available options on the left side.Let's first start with the most important. Configuring Charon so that it works. Click on "General Options". Tick "Check Ip on Startup" (it probably sholdn't change anything if you leave this unticked because "Check Ip before starting test" is already ticked. But to be sure do it.Charon and any other proxy checker must identify your IP address or finding your own proxy list wont works.) Leave others option at default settings and click "OK".

2) Scan Options

Leave them as they are. Later you can play with these options when you set your additional pages for proxies but at the moment it is not needed because Charons gonna use search engines to find proxy site with most common proxy words such as "proxy server, proxies, proxy list, anonymous+proxy+list, free+public+anonymous+proxy, free+proxy+list, proxy+servers+list, anonymous+elite+proxy, proxy+lists etcetc)

3) Connect Options

Click on "Connect Options". If you start Charon for the second time you'll see the words "This Ip Address" it shows your own IP. Next option is selecting a "Proxy Judge".It is the only proxy program that gives you the option to decide if your gonna use the internal proxy judge or an external proxy judge. External proxy judges are proxy scripts set on one of many server on Web and you need to make connection every time to this script to validity your proxies. Because many people use the same judge at the same time it may happend that the judge is busy or even worse completly down.

Charon before even starting to validate your proxy servers, checks if your proxy judge script is working on an external server. If it is down you'll a get message about it and what you do then is simple change script to another judge (you can always find a list of working judges on our forum) If you have trouble with an external proxy judge and if you are not behind a firewall then try and tick the option for "Internal Proxy Judge".Some users may have problem because of there own firewalls (always disable it when you test proxy), Your LAN configuration or companies corporate firewall may prevent you from scanning but in most cases the internal proxy judge works smothly and without any problems for many proxy hunters. Next option is 'Threads'. Leave it as it is.Only when you need to change "Retry Timeout / Dead" should you modify it. Set it to "2" as minimum or even more."3" is in my opinion the recommended. This function actually tests the same servers several times (depends on how many times you have specified). In every circumstance it is always necesseary to test the same proxy server many times.Setting it to higher number will slow the process of finding proxies but you'll get more proxies and more accurately tested proxy servers. Leave other options below that as is.If you do not want to test Socks proxies then untick "Check proxies for socks".

You are done with all the most important steps.There are of course more options but you'll learn how to use them by yourself or ask on our forum if you want to know more. Finally click on 'Check Proxies' on the left hand side and chose 'Scan for new Proxies". Take a walk with your girlfriend and when you come back a couple hours later you will be impressed how many tested proxy server Charon have leech for you. "Stop" program if you think it is enough with leeching and testing proxy.Then click on "Filter List" and chose "Filter Dodgy" (delete all suspect IP range) and " Filter Duplicates (including ports)" to deleted all dupes (same servers on same ports). If you do not want gateways (proxies which point to another (Gateway) proxy) then delete these too with "Filter Gateways".
Click on column that says"Anon" to sort anonymous and non anonymosu proxy ("Yes" means it is anonymous and "No" means its not) Select anonymous proxies and copy them, save it and post it on proxyblind or keep it for your own use.

Happy proxy hunting. 

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